The Most Amazing and Cool stuff We found on the WEB

1 Almost Alive Virtual Pets for You : Click inside Feed & play with them

2 Satellite photos of Osama Bin Laden's Last hideout

Strange Magic Trick

3 Strange coin trick

4 Can you believe what you see ?

5 Very Smart Crow

6 Life - Flying Fish

Amazing Mickey Mouse creature discovered in desert

8 Jesus Christ Lizard

9 jumping sea creature, possibly lochness monster?

10 UFO's Captured in NASA Videos

11 Alien walking behind

12 Alien on Mars

13 Strange creature

14 Scientists Capture Giant Antarctic Sea Creatures

15 Most Lucky people

16 Luckiest guys ever - TOP 7 !!

17 Unbelievable Landings - A MUST SEE!

18 Train accidents, crashes, collisions, near misses and rail idiots! Part 1

19 Head on train collision (video shot from onboard)

20 Dinosaurs Created by Men

21  Controversial Painting of Osama Bin Laden :